Kushtetuta e Republikes se Shqiperise (Constitution)

  Kodi Penal i Republikes se Shqiperise (Criminal Code)  

Kodi i Procedures Penale i Republikes se Shqiperise (Code of Criminal Procedure)


Kodi Civil i Republikes se Shqiperise (Civil Code)


Kodi i Procedures Civile i Republikes se Shqiperise (Code of Civil Procedure)


Kodi i Familjes i Republikes se Shqiperise (Family Code)


Kodi i Punes i Republikes se Shqiperise (Employment Code)


Kodi Doganor i Republikes se Shqiperise (Customs Code)


Ligji per Shoqerite Tregtare ne Republiken e Shqiperise


Ligji per Kthimin dhe Kompesimin e Pronave ne Republiken e Shqiperise


Ligji per Tatimin mbi Vleren e Shtuar ne Republiken e Shqiperise


Ligji per Standardizimin dhe Certifikimin ne Republiken e Shqiperise


Ligji per Urbanistiken në Republiken e Shqiperise


Ligji per Prokurimin ne Republiken e Shqiperise


Ligji per Konkurencen ne Republiken e Shqiperise


Ligji per Qendren Kombetare te Regjistrimit te Biznesit


Informacione te metejshme per Legjislacionin Shqiptar (Contact Information)


We Ensures All Our Clients That It Will Be Able To Always Provide The Proper Answer And The Most Convenient Solution To All Business Related Questions.

Klime Gegprifti, Attorney At Law


Albanian Specialised Law Office, ASLO
Rruga e Kavajes, Business Center “Gurten”
P.O. Box: 8293
Tel: 00 355 4 259 550-122
Tel &Fax: 00 355 4 224 797
Cel: 00 355 68 2411 369
E-mail: [email protected]
Tirana, Albania.

Klime Pasko Gegprifti has graduated the Diplomatic Institution in Tirana in 1965; the Law Faculty of the University of Tirana in 1987 and is entitled Jurist; the course of philosophy in 1982. He was employee at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 1972 until 1988. During this period of time, he has been nominated as diplomat at the Albanian Embassy in Athens (1972-1976); at Albanian Embassy in Vienna, Austria (1982 – 1987) and at Albanian Embassy in Bonn, Germany (1987-1988). After the change of the political system in Albania, that took place in 1992, he applied for the license of the Attorney at Law, which was issued to him in 1993, with license no. 465. Since this year, he is a member or Tirana’s Chamber of Attorneys at Law.
In 1993, he founded his own Law Office and worked there until 1999. As attorney at law, he engaged himself, mainly, on civil cases as well as on business cases and on company law. He established at the Tirana’s Court some foreign trade companies , according to Albanian Legislation , an was legal adviser to Representative Office of “Knauf” Ltd in Tirana, “Rigips” Ltd , “Bramac” Ltd, “SBL Stadbetribe Linz” Ltd. He completing all the legal work for obtaining the license of United Bank of Albania, which was issued by the Albanian National Bank, as well as for some others Albanian trade companies. Being the lawyer of these companies, he offered them the due legal advices on their activities.
In December 1999, he was nominated the Director to the Cabinet of Vice Prime Minister and worked at this position until May 2002.
In April 2002, he was nominated as state advocate at the Advocacy of the State, where he had also the position of Secretary General of this Institution and worked there until April 2006. Since May 2006, he has his own Law Office, which is situated at “Kavaja”Str., Business Center “Gurten”, Office 122, Tirana and since 2006, he is also a founding member of the Albanian Specialized Law Office (ASLO)

Areas of Practice
    • General Civil Law
    • Business Law
    • Commercial Companies Law
    • Government Law, Administrative Code
    • Real Estate & Land Development
    • Law on Immovable Properties
    • Construction Law
    • Tax Law
    • Partnerships
    • Corporate Law
    • Law on Social Insurances
    • Family code
    • Inheritance law
    • Environmental Law
    • Non profit Organizations Law
    • Intellectual Property (Copyright & Trademarks) law
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Law on Banks and Banking
    • Employment law
    • Representing and defending the interests of the clients before the First Degree Courts, Appellate Courts, High Court and the Constitutional Court for all the above legislation

    • Albanian
    • English
    • German
    • Greek

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