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Mexhit PRENÇI, Critic
More culture, esthetics and values in the literary and art works

Culture as a multidimensional concept is present into all levels of knowledge, literature, arts, science, politics, and ethics and moral. It is an integral part of all human relationships, in the private life of a man, in community, in the family, at work and in his everyday life.

When it comes to publications, especially the literary works, culture should be the most important element of those. Culture enhances the values of a work as much as it darkens them the lack of it.
Culture plays a crucial role in selecting the literary works to be published. An intellectual, value oriented and highly cultivated publisher with an esthetical taste would select for his readers works that he considers to have high artistical and aesthetical values and a contain a clear message. No need to say, that publishers with a mediocre or even very limited culture, not only are not able to select the best literary works, but they tend to have around mediocre individuals, persons that can not go beyond the pirate, commercial publications that in the worst of the cases could even be vulgar to pornograghic.

Another problem that has been evident in the content and quality of the publications in the last ten years, is the lack of linguistic culture, phenomena that is always present in the publications of those publishers who consider a book a commercial good to make money. Nevertheless, in the long list of Albanian publishers, there are intellectuals who are dedicated to accomplish world worth honorable publications.

I would like to highlight here some of the publications of Elite Publishing House, which on my opinion do represent professionalism and a high literary and aesthetical culture.

Firstly, a selection of best works and best authors of the Italian literature, works that testify high culture in the content, messages and in the Albanian translation. Among them: “Living desperately” novel by Alberto Moravia, “Marta Aiala” and “One, none and hundred thousands” novels by Luigi Pirandello, “Antique and modern poetry” literary critique by Benedetto Croce, “Zen’s consciousness” novel by Italo Svevo, “An impossible love” novel by Ignazio Simone, “Marcovaldo or the seasons in the town” and “Rebellious Baron” by Italo Calvino; “Most beautiful faces” short stories by Tomasso Landolfi and many others.

Secondly, these publications have high quality of translation and editing that shows into a very correct and rich language, all these testifying for a very qualified staff.

Thirdly, the graphic layout and presentation show high aesthetical values. The publications meet all established standards and criteria and they maintain the continuity in the format, size and lay out helping you to recognize at once that this is an Elite publication.

Selected pictures and photos made by professionals in the cover pages are also representing and reinforcing the messages and the content of the books.

Last but not least, the staff is selected based on strict professional criteria.
This is a very positive model for all those publishers who hire totally incompetent editors and translators falling into their own trap of the anticulture.

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