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Rruga e Elbasanit, 9E
P. O. Box: 8293
Tirana, Albania
Tel:+355 4 374 747
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Përmbledhje e Veprimtarisë së Shtëpisë Botuese Elite

Elite Publishing House & Art Design Center in Tirana, Albania, founded by Mr. Apostol NASI on August 18, 1998, is already reputable for publishing in Albanian, well known works from remarkable authors, such as: Benedetto Croce, Luigi Pirandello, Italo Calvino, Tommaso Landolfi, Italo Svevo, Alberto Moravia, Elena Gianini Belotti, Ignazio Silone, etc.

Please, let us to tell you something shortly about his Research Project on Albanian Diaspora in United States, Canada, Australia and all over the World.

One of the objectives of his publishing activity, has been initiating the publication of a new cycle, entitled: THE ALBANIAN DIASPORA. The project started five years ago, in consultation and collaboration with distinguished personalities of the Albanian Community in USA.

In the first phase of this project, the publication of the following books was foreseen:


In order to establish the necessary direct contacts with the Albanian-American Community or other cultural or religious institutions in USA, to get material for the publication of the first book of this cycle, he has been in New York, Stamford, Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury, Worcester, Boston, etc. in the following periods: 15 July - 15 August 2000, 5 - 24 July 2001; 3 - 15 May 2002, 3-29 December 2002, and 06-23 November 2003.

There was deep need for a very intensive work in order to get all the required material for the publication of such a book, which would be of great national value and importance.

Thanks to all this and to the perseverant work of a very well qualified Editorial Staff, the book ”The Albanian - American Community in Connecticut“ is not anymore just a project on paper, but a touchable reality; a 600 pages book, which is has gone through all the preparatory phases and it is now on the printing process.

The book comprises comprehensive material, valuable statistics, old documents taken from the state’ or other institutions’ archives, pictures that not only enrich this monographic work dedicated to the earliest Albanian Communities in America, but are also very interesting for the readers.

The experience gained during this whole process will absolutely help the Editorial Staff in his work in Canada and Australia to evident and highlight the historical, social and cultural values of the Albanian Communities in Canadian Provinces Ontario & Quebec and in Australian Cities: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, starting from the beginning of the last century up to the date.

The Editorial Staff in charge of carrying out this project is composed of:

1. Mr. Apostol NASI, writer and publisher, president of Elite Publishing House & Art Design Center in Tirana, ideator of the project and author of the cycle: “ALBANIAN DIASPORA“.

2. First Assistant, in the quality of Photographer and IT specialist. Her responsibilities would be: a) take pictures of individuals, buildings, institutions and other venues where the Albanian-Australian Community is living, working or exercising their activity, either business or social and cultural; b) type down all the material, collect and scan all pictures or archive documents: old letters or photographs that would add value to this publication and that might eventually be in the archives of Albanian families; c) perform any other computer task required and gather all necessary data from the public libraries or any other institution, we will be contacting.

3. Second Assistant, in the quality of the Manager and Administrative Assistant. Her responsibilities would comprise making/recording the interviews and administering all the necessary material for the publication. She would perform the task upon the request of the author of the cycle and upon preliminary or ad-hoc contacts established with any individual that might be considered as a valuable source of information for the cycle: “ALBANIAN DIASPORA”.

These monographic works, such as "Albanian-American Community in Connecticut", "Albanian-American Community in Massachusetts", Albanian-Canadian Community in Ontario & Quebec", and "Albanian-Australian Community", are of great national value, require a long and intensive work and cannot be completed without direct contacts with respective communities, as well as with various institutions and organizations in USA, Canada and Australia, being these governmental, social, cultural, and religious.

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